R3 Technology, Inc


Engineering Services

R3 Technology, Inc., provides engineering services which include dynamic analysis, mechanical design, CAD drawings, and rapid prototyping.

R3 Technology is offering Engineering Services that include dynamic analysis using a suite of tools that include Dyna, CTH, and EPIC.  The tools we employ include unique developments which allow us to to utilize the best features of the various codes via coupling processes.  We have non-linear optimizers that allow us to converge on a solution efficiently and effectively.  We also offer support for chem.-bio research and engineering that includes textiles.  We offer mechanical engineering design and analysis as well as CAD drawing and rapid prototyping.  


R3 Technology, Inc. maintains employees and associates with subject matter expertise in the use of a variety of computer modeling codes such as DYNA, CTH, EPIC, and others.  These codes can be applied to blast and ballistics analyses.  Coupled versions of these codes offer unique modeling capabilities such as the ability to handle the detonation of a buried explosive device, the blast loading on a vehicle, and the response of the vehicle.  Non-linear optimization techniques can be applied to efficiently develop solutions to complex problems.


R3 Technology, Inc. works with partners under 1099 arrangements to provide CAD drawings and rapid prototypes.

Coupled CTH to LS-Dyna and Dyna.  Coupled EPIC to LS-Dyna

Rigid Obstacle Algorithm added to CTH.  Allows for non-deforming bodies of arbitrary shape into the Eulerian mesh.  Automatic determination of blast loads from CTH onto the surfaces of a finite element model structure.

Material models for soil and Lagrangian modeling of detonation products and air blast in LS-Dyna are inadequate.  ALE capabilities in LS-Dyna are not robust enough for general purpose simulation.  Conwep in Dyna handles simple explosive loading scenarios well, but not suitable for real world conditions.



R3 Technology, Inc. maintains employees and associates under 1099 arrangements to provide mechanical engineering support.   Expertise ranges from vehicles suspensions, engines, transmissions, to machine design and weapons.