R3 Technology, Inc


Primary Business Activities


Business Support

R3 Technology, Inc.  supports clients in business development activities, including strategic planning, proposal management, black hat reviews, red team reviews, etc.  R3 Technology recently led a successful proposal effort to DARPA for TNO (The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research).  The topic was artificial intelligence.

Engineering Support

R3 Technology, Inc. provides specialized engineering and research, particularly in efforts associated with armors, ballistics, and other dynamic events.   We provide mechanical engineering support, hydrocode analyses, and more.

Technology/Product Representation

R3 Technology, inc. works with clients such as TNO, The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, SwRI (Southwest Research Institute), Sydor, Shock Transients, and other to conduct research, assist in business development and proposal writing, and represent client products and capabilities to potential customers.

Short Courses

R3 Technology, inc. offers short courses.   The initial offerings are primarily focused in technologies associated with ballistics and explosives; and also offers and introductory course in Fortran and two courses on machine design with an emphasis on military systems.   R3 Technology is able to arrange for these courses to be conducted on or near your facility and is able to accept the U.S. Government Visa card for payment.   

R3 Technology, Inc. is a small business incorporated in the State of Wyoming and also registered to conduct business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

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